Continuing to perform effectively while also taking into account the risks of the coronavirus disease, is one of the urgent challenges facing local authorities today. In particular, administrative service centers are becoming a high-risk area, and the health of their employees and visitors requires extra attention.

Supporting the consistent improvement of the quality of administrative services provided in the partner cities is one of the tasks of PLEDDG. Now that the security of ASC staff and visitors is facing the challenges of COVID-19, PLEDDG will not stand idle.

“Rapid response to new challenges during the pandemic is the key to subsequent effective urban development. Today, the administrative services sector is under threat, having significant risks to the health of employees and visitors of ASCs. That is why, since the beginning of the pandemic, PLEDDG has provided ASCs of partner cities with personal protective equipment, and now the workplaces of all employees have been made safe with protective screens,” said Oleksandr Kucherenko, PLEDDG Project Director.

Starting in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, protective screens were gradually installed in the ACSs of PLEDDG Partner Cities in Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, and Poltava Oblasts. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the screens and to preserve the possibility of free communication with the visitors of the ASCs, the team of PLEDDG calculated the optimal sizes and configurations of transparent barrier screens and their number for each individual ASC.

Tetyana Pecherytsia, Director of the Kremenchuk ASC Department pointed out: “An ASC is divided into zones according to the type of activity, such as: informing, reception of appellees, processing and issuance of ready documents, consultation and approval hall. Each of the zones has its own specifics and certain requirements for the arrangement of workplaces. One of the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease is the installation of protective barrier screens. Thanks to PLEDDG, Kremenchuk ASC has received this protective equipment, they have different configurations and fully meet all requirements. Employees and visitors say that communication is now more comfortable and significantly reduces health risks. In general, all the initiatives implemented by PLEDDG in Kremenchuk made a very positive effect on the city’s community.”

Thus, taking care of the safety of all participants of the provision of administrative services, PLEDDG provided protection for more than 300 workplaces at ASCs of partner cities, installing protective screens for a total of more than 700 thousand hryvnias.

PLEDDG continues to support partner cities on the path to open governance, in particular by promoting the development of the administrative services sector, providing comprehensive expert and technical support to ensure the conditions for successful interaction between the community and local self-government.