ПревьюA two-day training was held in Poltava Oblast in the framework of the program of strengthening women’s entrepreneurial capacity. Owners of eco-brands, choreographers, handicraft artists took part in the training program, with a total of about 15 participants.

“Workshops for self-employed women from PLEDDG aim to support women’s motivation to start their own business,” says Vitalii Bokhniak, Senior Expert in Business Development. “To provide effective tools for promotion in Ukrainian and international markets, as well as strengthen financial planning skills.”

Laura Hagg, PLEDDG Senior Governance Advisor, greeted the beginner entrepreneurs. Ms. Laura supported the participants in their quest to start their own business and emphasized the unique role of women in creating a supportive business environment and well-being in cities.

During the training, women entrepreneurs learned where to look for business ideas and test them, how to develop an original brand, and promote it on Ukrainian and global marketplaces, as well as mastered storytelling and commercial skills to increase sales efficiency.

One of the participants, Maryna Dovoyno, shared her experience:

“During the training, I received a lot of important advice on the sale and promotion of products on social media, in Ukrainian and international online markets. I really enjoyed the exercises introduced by the coaches on how to free my head from unnecessary thoughts and prejudices about business, and now my favorite practice is to detail the ways to realize my dream “Airport – easy, comprehensible, accessible.”
“For me, this is the third city where women are trained in entrepreneurship,” commented coach and handicraft artist Kateryna Voronina. “Before, there were Ivano-Frankivsk and Myrhorod, now Kremenchuk: everywhere the participants are very different. I am very happy to see how reservations about failures in business become less pronounced during the training, how women’s eyes sparkle when they talk about their business, how dreams turn into a business plan and concrete actions. We continue to keep in touch with and support all participants.”

PLEDDG finds it crucial to support self-employed women in developing their entrepreneurial competencies, creating conditions for greater confidence and independence of businesswomen, as well as building effective partnerships between entrepreneurs to ensure sustainable urban development and a favorable business climate.