Thanks to the project implemented with the support of PLEDDG as part of the SME Development Fund, a modern creative space has been created in Enerhodar. The young people of the city can enhance their skills in IT and e-sports, as well as to create startup projects.

The goal of the Youth Business Consulting Center project, implemented at the initiative of the Vidrodzhennia NGO, is to develop the business ecosystem, stimulate entrepreneurship, and support startup culture among the youth of Enerhodar.

Among the main implemented tasks of the project is the creation and equipment of a creative zoned workspace. Thus, residents of the center have the opportunity to participate in training activities in the coachroom zone, strengthen their skills in e-sports in the cyberclub zone, as well as jointly develop startup ideas in the coworkingzone.

The second iteration of the Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program “Starter” is currently underway. In 3 months, participants of the program master the main topics in the field of entrepreneurship: search for entrepreneurial ideas; business modeling; marketing strategies;  effective sales techniques; IT trends and technologies; personal development; “Green business”, and environmental balance. During the pandemic, the training is carried out in a mixed format: offline learning is complemented by online meetings.

Ulyana Korobchuk, project manager and head of the youth NGO “Vidrodzhennia” said:

“15 young entrepreneurs of Enerhodar, each of whom has their own business ideas, have already graduated from the Starter program. Jury members who evaluated the start-up projects of our students, entrepreneurs of the city and region, noted the high level of creativity and focus on the practical application of business ideas. Now, each of the coworking residents and graduates of the training program constantly receives the support of mentors, and three of them plan to register as individual entrepreneurs.”

Moreover, the Center became a place to teach robotics to children of 8-9 years and adolescents using the Arduino platform. Classes are also held for teachers of computer science and STEM practitioners in Energohar. During the workshops, children have the opportunity not only to master the basics of programming and robotics but also to see their work in practice thanks to a variety of robotic sets.

According to Vitaliy Pererva, a teacher of programming on the Arduino platform at the Center:

“There is no need to motivate our students to study. On the contrary, they are often ahead of the program, trying to complicate their tasks and come up with additional abilities for their inventions. Even when it comes to programming in a purely virtual world, the interest of children and adolescents is very high.”

Supporting initiatives such as the organization of development space for youth business initiatives and the development of IT skills, which are supported by PLEDDG, creates an effective framework for the exchange of ideas, increasing self-employment and economic development of the city.