The IV International Zaporizhia Environmental Forum “Eco Forum 2020” was co-organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science, Zaporizhia City Council, Zaporizhia Regional Administration, Chamber of Commerce, and relevant associations and enterprises of the city and region. A number of technical assistance projects, including PLEDDG, supported the organization of the environmental forum.

At the opening of the event, participants were greeted by Laura Hagg, Chief Governance Adviser at PLEDDG. One of the important issues highlighted by Ms. Laura is the establishment of effective cooperation between local self-government and industrial enterprises in order to prevent harm to the environment and the population.

Panel discussions, a thematic exhibition, sectional meetings, and workshops at the forum were aimed at achieving the main goals:

  • raising awareness of climate change, exchanging experience in developing effective climate policies, discussing business opportunities in the field of alternative energy, international experience in implementing climate projects;
  • establishing and expanding cooperation in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources between local self-government, experts, industry, and the public;
  • presentation of the latest technologies in the field of environmental protection and adaptation to climate change;
  • promoting the improvement of the environment through the attraction of investments, the introduction of innovations, and principles of balanced development of territorial communities.

During the sectional meetings during the first day of the forum, PLEDDG experts, in particular, Doug Hickman, Consultant on Environmental Safety, made presentations on existing developments.

Hennadii Marushevskyi, PLEDDG consultant on environmental sustainability presented the contents of the manual Eco-Passport Development for Cities: Methodological Recommendations to the participants of the conference.

“The city’s eco-passport is an analytical and reference issue, which provides statistical and generalized data on the most important environmental problems of the city and the state of the city’s environment, as well as the city’s environmental management system, environmental measures and public participation in environmental management. For authorities, heads of enterprises, institutions, and organizations, the eco-passport provides an opportunity to promote the create city-level environmental policy adequate to the challenges of the time and assess the precision of management decisions in terms of their impact on the environment. For citizens and representatives of public organizations, the eco-passport allows to monitor the state and trends of changes in environmental parameters in the city and to exercise public control over the urban environmental policy. The eco-passport will also contribute to the implementation of European approaches to environmental policy, including environmental assessment. In 2018, the Law of Ukraine “On Strategic Environmental Assessment” came into force, which provides for the need to assess state planning documents for potential damage to the environment and public health. The guidelines developed by PLEDDG together with the Association of Ukrainian Cities provide cities with tools to analyze the city’s environmental problems, systematize available data on the state of the environment, and prepare a strategic environmental assessment of documents based on objective data.”

The forum featured presentations, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and specialized sections, as well as the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific papers “Innovative technologies for adaptation of industrial regions to climate change” and a thematic exhibition.

PLEDDG supports the development of municipal cooperation for the reduction of climate risks, and the attraction of investment and innovation to protect the environment. These activities allow cities and their communities to develop in a balanced way and be more confident in a safe and environmentally friendly future.