2020-04-07_01_engIntroduction of the indispensable quarantine measures in response to the active spread of COVID-19 has become a challenge for all small and medium-sized businesses. At this difficult time, entrepreneurs are looking for new approaches and opportunities to adapt and further develop their business. More and more enterprises are choosing an inclusive development path.

Over the years, PLEDDG experts have developed a number of materials on social entrepreneurship. We decided to collect them in our online library for social entrepreneurs.

The publications will become in handy for both practicing social entrepreneurs and those who want to start such initiative, integrate the social factor into their own business, or simply understand the topic in more detail.

Social_Entrepreneurship_-Guide “What you should know about social entrepreneurship (available in Ukrainian). The manual reveals the meaning of the concept of “social enterprise” and introduces the reader to the best examples of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine and abroad.
Woman_Business_PLEDDG Analytical research “Inclusive business development: women’s entrepreneurship” (available in Ukrainian). Efforts to attract women to business are an important factor in inclusive economic growth in Ukraine. Since women make up more than half of the population in Ukraine, and their labor and entrepreneurial potential is not fully used, increasing women’s entrepreneurial activeness will contribute to the formation of a more competitive economy and will be an important factor in increasing women’s involvement in social and political affairs.
SME-Guide Green business guide for small and medium-sized enterprises (available in Ukrainian). The purpose of this manual is to promote the integration of environmental sustainability principles into successful business activities of SMEs.