2 (1)Easing of quarantine restrictions and gradual return to the usual rhythm of life does not cancel new realities that have become the consequence of the COVID-19 spread on the territory of Ukraine. Such conditions have an impact, in particular, on the activities of local self-governing authorities, and especially on structures that provide services for citizens. During these uncertain times PLEDDG has focused on helping 16 partner cities to provide administrative services to their residents safely.

In order to determine current needs of partner cities and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on their development, PLEDDG team has conducted a survey. The results demonstrated that the top priority in ensuring safe and continuous administrative services provision is supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees of the Administrative Services Centers (ASC) and other local government employees who are in direct contact with visitors.

“Cities and communities are gradually adapting to post-quarantine realities. For the local governments, security is the most important issue today, especially in the sphere of providing administrative services, where contacts between people is a prerequisite. That is why PLEDDG Project has provided partner-cities with the necessary stock of personal protective equipment for further high-quality provision of such services,” said Olexandr Kucherenko, PLEDDG Project Director.

Based on the received data, PLEDDG has purchased PPEs for partner-cities for a total amount of over UAH 1.6 million. The list includes: disposable medical masks, rubber gloves, antiseptics and disinfectants.

“PLEDDG Project applied systematic approach to the issue of providing partner-cities with necessary personal protective equipment. We have collected necessary information from local authorities, taking into account the needs and characteristics of each city. Based on the data obtained, we calculated the necessary amount of funds to maximize the provision of employees with everything necessary for effective and safe work,” stressed Igor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert/Program Lead, PLEDDG.

PLEDDG regional coordinators worked closely with representatives of local authorities to ensure that employees were provided with protective equipment as soon as possible.

“We would like to thank PLEDDG representatives for their support in the protection of the Administrative Services Center employees, who are working closely with the citizens during the quarantine period. In order to preserve the health of not only employees, but visitors. In particular, we would like to thank the regional coordinator Oksana Bondar,” – said Anatoly Konoval, Head of Economics Department of Zhmerinska City Council.

In these difficult for the entire country times, PLEDDG continues to analyze challenges and set new priorities for supporting partner-cities, based on the needs of each community.