The Yaremche region has been successfully attracting foreign and domestic tourists for several years and is a popular holiday destination. Starting this year spring, with the support of PLEDDG, local tourism entrepreneurs have the opportunity to strengthen their capacity and attract even more vacationers.

One of the tasks of this project, implemented within PLEDDG’s SME Development Fund, is to create tourism business clusters: associations of entrepreneurs working in the same field. For example, business clusters of entrepreneurs that provide tour services, jeep, quad and horse tours, rafting, as well as spas, vats, sports equipment rental.

Andriy Dzvinchuk, project manager and the head of the NGO Yaremche Region Institute of Development commented on the value of business cluster development for regional development:

“The creation of clusters gives entrepreneurs more opportunities that they do not possess alone. By merging into a cluster, entrepreneurs in the same field, who face the same challenges, get the opportunity to defend their interests together, provide support to each other, plan activities, effective group procurement – this is how trust is built. Yesterday’s competitors understand that now they are partners, they join forces, fighting together for the domestic and foreign tourist.”

A recent study conducted by the Touristic Pearl of the Carpathians project in Yaremche, supported by PLEDDG, showed that most tourists, regardless of their financial capacity, appreciate the natural and environmental benefits of the area, and about 80 percent of them already encourage their friends to visit. In addition to the already implemented research, the project plans to create a multilingual online platform, develop and print a map, conduct training for representatives of the tourism business.

As part of the project, a two-day seminar “How the association will help every business to attract more tourists!” took place on October 15 and 16. The seminar was attended by representatives of the restaurant business, as well as tour operators and guides. The speakers spoke about the main nuances of running a tourism business, told about the experience of other cities, and the participants, in turn, shared the achievements and pains of their projects, deepened their knowledge in marketing, and better understood how their guests have changed in 2020.

The partner in the implementation of the project in the city of Yaremche is the “Association of hoteliers and owners of rural estates”, its chairman Taras Tustanivsky noted:

“Some hotel business owners ask themselves: what will participation in the association give me, will it bring me new customers right away? It is gratifying that most of those who understand that we all have the same challenges, because we are in the same market, which means we need to have a broader perspective together, find common opportunities, take the right steps to make the whole region competitively attractive, not to compete exclusively with each other on the level of our enterprises”.

The tourist season in Yaremche lasts for the entire year, so thanks to PLEDDG, the implementation of the project aimed at strengthening the tourist potential continues.

“Now we are actively preparing content for the future online platform: videos, photos, reviews,” added Andriy Dzvinchuk. “We are planning promotional tours for travel bloggers in various fields: youth, sports, family. In short, we are preparing, so that both this and the next tourist season are successful.”

Studies show that the tourism sector of the Yaremche region has surprising potential for the economic development of the entire region: active summer recreation, gastro-, and ecotourism attracts visitors from all over Ukraine and abroad. By merging into corresponding business clusters, with the support of PLEDDG, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to reduce their expenses, attract new guests, and improve the business climate in the region.