The 2030 Tourism Development Strategy was approved in Vinnytsia. The document was developed with the support of PLEDDG.

How can Vinnytsia become a center for business and leisure travel in the nearest decade? The answer to this was sought by the community of the city: authorities, businesses, and citizens with the support of PLEDDG since July last year. The corresponding strategy regulating the development of the tourism sector until 2030 was approved by the deputies of the Vinnytsia City Council on September 25.

According to the mayor of Vinnytsia Serhiy Morhunov:

“The tourism development strategy is a large set of goals and measures. Many experts and specialists were involved in its development. As a result, a high-quality and balanced document has been created, which will be our roadmap for the next 10 years. The strategy must be flexible so that we can keep up with the times.”

The tourism development strategy determines the areas of improvement of the industry, their detailed implementation plan provides for the inclusion of all stakeholders: authorities, businesses, experts, and the community. Together with the team of PLEDDG and specialists of the Vinnytsia City Council, representatives of the hospitality industry: restaurateurs, hoteliers, tour operators, as well as historians, museum workers, cultural researchers joined the development of the strategy. Vinnytsia residents contributed their ideas to the strategy during an open call and a tourist hackathon.

The tourism strategy of the city was created in accordance with the Integrated Development Concept “Vinnytsia 2030” and aims to improve the living conditions and business activity of city residents, as well as tourists and investors by improving cultural attractiveness, service delivery system, and business climate.

In addition to project ideas, the document contains a tourist profile of Vinnytsia, research of the worldwide and Ukrainian tourist markets, a vision of touristic Vinnytsia in 2030. According to the vision defined in the strategy, Vinnytsia should become a center of leisure and business tourism on the shores of the Southern Buh River with preserved historical authenticity, developed network of land and air services, convenient and safe tourist infrastructure, year-round and diverse visit programs, which allows visitors with different financial opportunities to enjoy the city.

In the nearest time, the implementation plans for the strategy include the realization of the following projects: development of Vinnytsia hospitality standard, the introduction of a tourist card, the opening of a tourist hub, holding a certificated school for guides, launching several festivals, creating a medical tourism cluster, opening the Vinnytsia Museum, making Vinnytsia a part of Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes.

The jointly developed tourism strategy not only reflects the ideas of citizens and businesses but is also founded on the analysis of international experience and responds to the global challenges of the tourism market, which together guarantee stable growth of the industry and improvement of the city’s well-being.