630_360_1505203897-2415With the support of PLEDDG, Berdyansk has developed its own investment business card which is the investment passport of the city. The document will help to bring relations with investors to a new level by optimizing the processes of communication and cooperation with them.

The investment passport development process started last summer. The working group included members of the City Council, representatives of Executive Committee, business, industry, local non-governmental organizations and PLEDDG experts. Members were focused on taking into account all the features and opportunities that the city offers to investors.

“When working on the investment passport for Berdyansk, it was important for us to emphasize its potential. When you think about this city, the first thing that comes to mind is the tourism. In fact, Berdyansk has significant development opportunities in the fields of industry, engineering, IT, and creative industries. That is why the document emphasizes all these features and positions the city as an industrial center on the coast of the sea,” said Olexandr Ignatenko, Senior Expert in Intergovernmental Cooperation and Economic Development, PLEDDG.

Berdyansk investment passport contains detailed information about the competitive advantages of the city, its economic potential, priority areas for investment, investment proposals and examples of successful cooperation with investors.