2020-05-13_2Source: Telegraph

The project Business Incubator for Women’s Initiatives Development was launched in Kremenchuk with the support of PLEDDG. The main tasks of the business incubator include not only the support of small and medium-sized businesses, but also the development of women’s entrepreneurship, providing basic business education, help in the process of search for investments and partners, exchange of experience and promoting of mentorship.

One of the stages of the project implementation is the basics of business training. During April 17-30, the organizers collected applications from those who wanted to take the course. 30 participants passed to the second stage which was public voting on the official Facebook page of the business incubator.

According to the project coordinators Yulia Tsybulska and Hanna Tymofienko there were several reasons for such public selection of participants, and all of them are for the benefit of the participants themselves and their future projects.

‘Firstly, the public vote is a test for the idea the girls came up with. They learned how to position it, talk about it, and I’m sure they got a lot of the useful information and feedback from friends. Secondly, it is a test for readiness to act. Use all possible and impossible resources, accept refusals. Learn the art of argumentation and be an advocate for yourself and your own future brand. This is a valuable practical experience that they received during these 3 days. And it will always be with them. Thirdly, the vote allowed us to draw public attention to the problem of developing women’s entrepreneurship in the city, to see a large number of active, initiative, smart women who dream of delivering benefits and taking responsibility for themselves. We have created a community that helps to grow and develop, gain knowledge and find help. And this is the main thing, especially now, during the global crisis, economic recession, and quarantine,’ say coordinators.

The business incubator for the development of women’s initiatives in Kremenchuk is an unprecedented project in the history of the city, which is completely free and meets the requirements of the times.