Source: Lada FM


The ‘Golden flora’ service cooperative has started its activity in Ladyzhyn.

Since February 2020, the implementation of the ‘From joint actions to common welfare’ project, initiated by the ‘Association of Crop Entrepreneurship ‘PIK-Art’ public union, has begun.

The project relates to the sector of medicinal plant raw materials, which are cultivated and collected in Ladyzhyn and surrounding areas. About 200 people, who are either individual producers or self-employed individuals, are involved in the process.

On April 21-24, 2020, the ‘PIK-Art’ Public Union together with the ‘Golden Flora’ cooperative within ‘From joint actions to common welfare’ project, implemented with the support of PLEDDG, will hold webinars for individual producers, owners of estates and self-employed individuals who are working in the field of harvesting medicinal plant raw materials.

Participants of the online course will learn:

  • which crops of medicinal plants are more profitable to grow on their privat plots;
  • prices and types of crops that the cooperative collects;
  • what is the proper method and timing for harvesting medicinal plant raw materials;
  • what are the requirements for the quality of raw materials?

The knowledge, gained during webinars, will allow the participants to use resources efficiently, combine their efforts with other market participants, and, as a result, get a sustainable profit.

After completing the training, participants of the webinars will receive certificates, which will allow them to conclude cooperation agreements with the ‘Golden Flora’ cooperative and have the opportunity to consult with experts of the cooperative.