1Source: Novyny Poltavshchyny

On February 6, PLEDDG organized a training seminar “Prozorro.Sale System as a Tool for Transparent and Effective Management of State Property: Opportunities and Prospects for Regions” in Poltava.

At the beginning of the training PLEDDG Regional Coordinator Iryna Dudka noted that due to the Prozorro.Sale system local communities can make good use of municipal property.

“Prozorro.Sale system is the best not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. It’s nice to see how local communities are developing. Local budgets should be filled with the revenues generated from the proper use of municipal property that belongs to the community. Prozorro.Sale provides such tools as well as the understanding of how it should work in the most profitable way for each community”, says Iryna Dudka.

Project Manager of Prozorro.Sale Vladyslav Orysko said that media could cover auctions and lots placed in the Prozorro Sale system.

“I want to explain how you can control the use and disposal of municipal property. After all, everyone has the right to know whether municipal property is used effectively and expediently. On the Prozorro.Sale website there is special analytics where you can find all the avaliable information on auctions and lots. This will help media to cover them”, noted Vladyslav Oryska.

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