Participants of entrepreneurship training from PLEDDG find faith in their own strength, a powerful potential for business activity, and support for further actions in business. On October 15 and 16, the training program on the basics of entrepreneurship was held for women of the Vinnytsia region.

Among the participants of the training were both residents of Vinnytsia with eco-projects and ideas of creating business communities, as well as residents of the villages of the region with green tourism initiatives and handmade products. The diverse professional and life experience of the participants enables women to realize their own potential, get support for their ideas, and create a cost-effective business model for subsequent implementation.

Anna Andriichenko from Vinnytsia shared her impressions of participating in the training

“My husband and I have a family business – we are creating a Texas-style hotel. This year we have just started construction, so any knowledge of setting up business and promotion is very important for us. The knowledge provided by the training on business planning, development of a schedule of internal finances – flows of expenses and sources of income was surprisingly useful. And the skills in composition and photography will be useful not only in the promotion of the hotel on social media but also in the decoration of rooms and recreation areas.”  

The theoretical bases of financial management of the trainer are supported by practical cases and together with the participants go through all the stages of starting your own business. This enables women to create a business model, calculate the break-even point, understand the need for additional resources and possible partnerships.

The training also encouraged participants to improve their skills in related areas and expand their opportunities. For example, future entrepreneurs decide on the need to increase their knowledge of a foreign language or to register on international marketplaces.

Training participant Inna Horban, a resident of Illintsi, told about her decision to enter the foreign online market of handmade products:

“My long-time hobby is beadwork. However, I didn’t have enough confidence, and, in fact, knowledge in the field of business to make money with my products. For a Ukrainian buyer, these products are quite expensive, and selling my works abroad seemed impossible. But thanks to the coaches of PLEDDG, I now know that everything is very much possible! I already plan to register at Etsy in the near future. I also think that the success of entrepreneurship is in the fact that people feel when you are aflame with your business when you see the beauty in elegant details and want to share it.” 

The training for self-employed women in Vinnytsia was special in that they were joined by participants of the February training program from PLEDDG. This time, the graduates of the previous training took part in the event as providers of catering services. After the training in February, they registered as individual entrepreneurs and now treat participants to coffee and sandwiches.

The creation of additional opportunities for the realization of women’s entrepreneurial potential with the support of PLEDDG demonstrates high efficiency both from the economic standpoint and in view of the development of socially balanced employment and sustainable urban development.