Source: Vinnytsia city council


On April 9, 2020, during the Executive Committee meeting, the 2020-2022 Social Entrepreneurship Development Draft Program for Vinnytsia ATC was approved and submitted to the Vinnytsia City Council for consideration.

The program was developed by the Economic and Investments Department in cooperation with the Department for Social Policy of Vinnytsia City Council and with expertise provided by PLEDDG.

Work on the program started in October 2019 and continued until March 2020. During this period, to determine the state of social entrepreneurship development in Vinnytsia ATC and main needs for the development of the industry, 4 focus groups and 3 meetings of the Working group were held.

The purpose of the Program is to support the development of socially-oriented entrepreneurship, attract vulnerable groups to business activities, disseminate the best practices of social entrepreneurship to solve social problems, achieve positive social changes.

When developing the Program, a participatory approach was used. It lies in involving all major stakeholders through various formats in the formation of Program`s priorities and creating program components.

Achieving the strategic goal is planned by focusing on 6 key objectives, each is closely related to the components of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem:

Objective 1. Implementation of institutional support for social entrepreneurship and social innovations.

Objective 2. Popularization of the social entrepreneurship culture.

Objective 3. Measuring social impact and promotion of social reporting.

Objective 4. Development of business skills and support of social entrepreneurship development.

Objective 5. Promoting open market access for social entrepreneurs.

Objective 6. Creating financial instruments for the development of social entrepreneurship.

The Social Entrepreneurship Development Program is aimed at initiating institutional recognition of the term “social entrepreneurship”, expanding opportunities for its development and scaling, and contributing to solving a number of social challenges by achieving sustainable positive changes in the social and economic field.