Source: official website of Enerhodar City Council


The first step towards sweeping changes for the Enerhodar youngsters became the RESIDENT Youth Business Consulting Center which is an informal creative open space for work, development and leisure.

The project was developed on the initiative of the Vidrodzhennya youth non-governmental organization with the support of the Enerhodar City Council. It is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and is implemented as part of PLEDDG activities.

Youth space operates on the basis of Enerhodar Institute of Public and Municipal Management “Classic Private University” named after Henoh and consists of three different locations that form a complex for meaningful leisure. The Coachroom will host educational and mentoring programs, trainings and seminars. Cyber Club Cyberathlete (CA#VR) is a place for providing IT services and a platform for cyber competitions. The third location is a co-working space for cozy communication of people united by common interests.

The first residents have already joined learning process, communication and knowledge sharing. The first trainings and seminars on entrepreneurship in the IT sector were conducted online. After the end of the quarantine, the Center is waiting for new residents who want to realize their potential and expand the boundaries of their activities.