For 5 months, a training project has been implemented in Kremenchuk with the support of the PLEDDG, aimed at supporting women’s business ideas, creation and development of new enterprises, and creative collaborations. Last week, the winner of the initiative was determined, the author of the EcoCool brand Maryna Dovoyno.

More than 40 residents of Kremenchuk applied for participation in the business incubator, 25 of whom already had business ideas and took part in the training. During the implementation of the initiative with the support of PLEDDG, 20 instructional lectures on business, 5 workshops by experts from all over Ukraine, 6 meetings and business breakfasts with successful women, 5 meetings to finalize business, plans, and almost 4 hours of project pitching were held.

According to the project manager Yuliya Tsybuska:

“In addition to meetings and workshops, each participant receives mentoring support from practicing entrepreneurs. It is important that the experience shared by the mentors with business startups is applicable and takes into account the local mentality, interests, and needs of the community, as opposed to the advice spread on the Internet. In the future, we plan to continue the success of the business incubator in the format of a business school and provide even more unique offers to novice entrepreneurs.”

Iryna Bardiuh shared her impressions of participating in the business incubator:

“Those five months passed unnoticed by me. I am very happy that I overcame my fear and applied to participate in the Business Incubator to support business in Kremenchuk. During this time, I’ve met incredible people, learned a ton of useful information, and radically changed my thinking. When I think of myself a year ago, it was a completely different person. For me, this is already a victory.”

The voting of the Business Incubator for the Support of Business in Kremenchuk for the best business idea and its author was held on September 29. According to the voting results, the winner was Maryna Dovoyno:

“I owe much gratitude for the victory of my EcoCool project to all those who supported me during the voting, as well as to the coordinators of the useful, motivating project Business Incubator for the Support of Business in Kremenchuk, which is being implemented with the support of PLEDDG. During 5 months of training, I have not only gained new knowledge to implement a business idea, my idea was crystallized and a roadmap was made, but it also changed my attitude towards myself. Practice coaches gave a lot of advice on the implementation of our projects, advised on what to pay attention to, as well as helped to get to know oneself, to overcome preconceptions. The idea of EcoCool is the production and sale of comfortable, stylish eco-bags, which can replace the use of disposable plastic bags. This is the first step towards realizing my dream, which became a goal thanks to the project! Eco-bags of my manufacture are already being actively tested in Kremenchuk, Horishni Plavni, Dnipro, Kyiv, Warsaw, and have even visited Egypt.”

Enhancing the activity of small and medium enterprises is an important tool of local economic development, which is supported by PLEDDG. Supporting local women’s business ideas not only creates new jobs, but also helps to expand the business sector, improve the quality of service, and provide the community of the city with the necessary goods and services.