Source: website of the Administrative Services Center in Kremenchuk

The Kremenchuk ASC hosted a two-day training event on the provision of quality administrative services and ASC performance, organized with the support of the Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance (PLEDDG).

The welcome speech for the participants of the event was given by Volodymyr Pelypenko, First Deputy Mayor, Ihor Liepioshkin, Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert/Program Lead at PLEDDG, and Tetyana Pecherytsia, Director of the Kremenchuk ASC Department. Ihor Bryhylevych, PLEDDG Project Consultant, joined the participants online and informed them about the trends and challenges at the current stage of CNAP development. In addition, they discussed the services that are most needed and the most popular of them. Ihor Bryhilevych, PLEDDG consultant, joined the meeting online and informed the participants about the trends and challenges of the current stage of ASC’s development. Services were also discussed, the most necessary and the most popular of them.

The participants also had the opportunity to ask questions about the work of the hardware and software complex of the ASC and the operating system of the “Register of the Territorial Community” to their creators, the heads of KP “Miskoformlennia” Volodymyr Kryhin and Bohdan Babich.

The participants also reviewed the on-hand experience of the Partner Cities of PLEDDG in creating and developing a proper ASC. Expert presentations were made by Iryna Martynenko, Head of the Registration Department of the “ASC in Kremenchuk” Department (Services for Life Situations: e-Baby – Everything Begins at Birth), Tetyana Kiyashko, Administrator of the Department for Work with the USDR of the “ASC in Kremenchuk” (“Successful experience in processing biometric documents”), Yuliya Vykhodets, Administrator of the Department for Work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the “ASC in Kremenchuk” (“Integration of transport services”).

Ihor Bryhilevych, PLEDDG consultant, announced the results of the evaluation of the quality of administrative services provided in Partner Cities of PLEDDG.