2020-09-25The founding meeting of the Ladyzhyn Business Club, created with the support of PLEDDG in as part of the SME Development Fund, was held in July of this year. During this time, the Club held about two dozen workshops and consultations, and for a few days, its premises became an improvised exhibition hall for a local world-class artist.

The partners in the implementation of this project together with PLEDDG were the Ladyzhyn City Council, Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development, DTEK-ENERGO LLC, and the NGO Foundation for Business Initiatives. In particular, IT equipment and 40 chairs were purchased, comprehensive training with the participation of experts, and online consultations are provided with the support of PLEDDG.

According to Liudmyla Ravliuk, director of the Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development Agency:

“Since July, more than 45 Ladyzhyn entrepreneurs have taken part in the Club’s events organized with the support of PLEDDG. Entrepreneurs come together to gain new knowledge on financial literacy, implementing energy efficiency in business, doing business online, and networking. We now have a fairly large demand for knowledge on the use of electronic services, such as participation in ProZorro procurements, as well as the use of smartphones instead of cash registers, and we are already preparing corresponding workshops for Club members.”

Roman Baranov, a local entrepreneur, shared his experience of participating in training events from the Business Club:

“Training is very intensive, coaches answer questions professionally and comprehensively. Besides, a significant bonus for us entrepreneurs is the opportunity to join forces and be stronger in meeting common needs, for example by reducing the percentage of the unified tax on business activities for 2nd group individual entrepreneurs.”

Aliona Habryk, a consultant of the project, notes a high demand for relevant information from local entrepreneurs:

“Entrepreneurs do not always keep track of changes in legislation, such as reporting and paying taxes. There is also a high demand for knowledge about financial literacy, calculations of their business plans to conduct profitable business activities and work with electronic services. Thanks to PLEDDG, we are able to respond to these and other requests of Ladyzhyn entrepreneurs, provide up-to-date information, professional advice, and support their development.”

One of the project implementation partners is Foundation for Business Initiatives NGO, the head of which Oksana Chornomorets noted:

“Now, by joining the Business Club, we have become more cohesive, we help each other. Thanks to the support of PLEDDG, we receive a lot of useful analytical information, we have had an audit recently. It’s great that now we have the opportunity to get together, as it helps the development of entrepreneurship and has a positive impact on the business climate in general”

The creation of associations to support entrepreneurs has already proven to be an effective mechanism for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, so PLEDDG encourages such initiatives. This allows participants to strengthen their business competencies and capabilities, share experience, and establish contacts, and thus improve the business climate in the city.