ПревьюThe final training session on local economic development (LED) for local self-government representatives was held in Vinnytsia.

The training program “Professional certification training program for civil servants and local government officials on local economic development” was developed by PLEDDG experts together with professors of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine in 2019.

The program consists of 3 sessions and covers 8 modules, including strategic planning, investment attraction, small and medium business development, branding of territories, and more. In response to the new reality, the training is mixed, with two sessions held online, and the third final offline session was made by the instructors with maximum use of hands-on group tasks to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained by the participants online. Therefore, during the three-day training, specialists of the Vinnytsia regional self-government bodies and their instructors sought answers to questions such as how to form priority development projects of territories using a strategic vision, how to improve investment opportunities of territories, how to implement various forms of grassroots participation and more.

One of the participants of the training program, Natalia Hnatenko, Head of the Department of Economics, Strategic Planning and Investment Development of Tulchyn ATC shared her impressions:

“During both types of training, we received highly relevant information: the theoretical material was presented in an accessible form during the online training, and the program of the offline meeting was entirely based on hands-on exercises with the opportunity to get advice from the instructors. The recommendations for attracting investments and promoting the potential of ATC on the community website I found to be especially useful.”
“Our community is going to face a lot of changes soon in connection with the new administrative and territorial system,” said Kateryna Tsabak, Deputy Head of the Department of Economy and Infrastructure Development of Zhmerynka City Council. “There is a lot of work ahead to develop new strategic documents, investment proposals, and promotional products. Therefore, the knowledge gained during the training is incredibly relevant, moreover, we will also need further support from PLEDDG experts. ”

The LED training was held with the support of the Department for International Cooperation and Regional Development of Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration at the premises of the Center for Re-training and Advance Training of State Officials, Local-Self Government Officials, Officials of State Enterprises, Institutions, and Organization of Vinnytsia Oblast.

Overall, the professional certification training program for civil servants and local self-government officials on LED, supported by PLEDDG, enables officials to deepen their knowledge in the field of economic development, have awareness of the current trends of investment attraction and SME development, and improve their skills in managerial tasks of various complexity.