In 2017 PLEDDG will start disbursing small funds from the Democratic Governance and Development Initiatives Support Fund. The Fund is aimed at supporting PLEDDG partner cities in implementation of the initiatives covering priorities of the cities in the sphere of democratic governance, city marketing and branding, as well as providing administrative services in order to increase the efficiency of local governments in introduction of an open governance model as well as the level of transparency and citizen participation in the decision-making process

Open governance requires open and transparent communication between local authorities and the public. City councils should also strive to develop effective relations with media so that journalists can provide the public with accurate, objective and relevant information.

PLEDDG Project supported the holding of I International Mayors Congress – a major event that welcomed city mayors, local government leaders, representatives of Ukrainian central executive bodies, as well as domestic and foreign experts on local self-governance and local economic development, to a great discussion of innovations and global trends of city development