Vinnytsia is in the process of city brand and marketing strategy development in coordination with PLEDDG experts. On September 22, a regular meeting of the relevant working group took place, where the participants discussed the city image, analyzed a survey’s findings related to the image of the city through its residents’ eyes and identified things that should form the basis of the city brand and marketing strategy .

On August 19, in the session hall of Ladyzhyn City Council, the meeting of the working group to discuss preparation of SME Development Program was held as part of PLEDDG Project. Entrepreneurs, managers of enterprises, staff of local self-governance bodies, representatives from the Local Economic Development Agency, deputies of the local council, mass media representatives, and PLEDDG experts participated in the meeting

On July 26, the first working meeting of the expert group took place. The group will work on the development of Vinnytsia’s brand as part of PLEDDG Project. At the meeting, special aspects of city marketing and branding were discussed, the methodology for their development was defined and preselection of the type of the marketing strategy and the formation of common goal and tasks were discussed

On July 5, representatives of the business community, non-governmental organizations committed to entrepreneurship support, the city council’s deputies and municipal official gathered to discuss barriers to business development and various problems faced by local entrepreneurs. The event took place within PLEDDG Project