Misto Zmistiv, or Meaningful City Hub, in English is a central hub and a genuine driver of social activity in Vinnytsia. It is founded on the idea of creating cross-sector dialogue among public activists, local authorities and the business community. Last year alone, the hub hosted 476 activities organised by 59 Vinnytsia-based, 26 all-Ukraine civil society organisations (CSOs), 7 international organisations and 17 departments of city- and oblast-level administrations, attended by almost 16,000 people. What is the contribution of the PLEDDG Project to this model and what makes it successful?

In just a year, Maryna Zverkova, a businesswoman from Pershotravensk, has managed to put her business idea in place and set up eco-friendly pellet production as well as boost her financial independence. This is through both business skills and an advanced knowledge obtained as a result of her participation in events held within the framework of the gender-centered initiative “Women entrepreneurship as alternative for development of one-company cities”. The initiative, of which implementation became viable due to the financial support of the Canadian Government, has already proven its worth

It is not only in Ukraine people are aware of “Dobre Varennia” (Good Jam) made by Chernivtsi-based, Iryna Mykyteiek. Not only does she run her own private business but she gives part of her earnings towards helping others. Mykyteiek’s participation in a training program organized in Chernivtsi with the financial support of the Canadian Government became a step forward for her