As a part of the project Foundation and Ensuring the Effective Activity of the Business Club in Ladyzhyn implemented by the PLEDDG, a founding meeting of the Ladyzhyn Business Club took place. The event was attended by the entrepreneurs and guests who work closely with small businesses and support them to the fullest.

On June 26, members of the City Council have approved the brand book Brand Visualization of the City of Vinnytsia, a manual on the usage of the brand style which describes the visual style of Vinnytsia. The document describes the brand concept of Vinnytsia, guidelines for the use and placement of the city’s visual identity. It includes the logo, fonts, colors, placement rules, and more. It also shows examples of branded brochures, books, cards, t-shirts, notebooks, touristic tablets, gadgets etc.

The project Business Incubator for Women's Initiatives Development was launched in Kremenchuk with the support of PLEDDG. The main tasks of the business incubator include not only the support of small and medium-sized businesses, but also the development of women's entrepreneurship, providing basic business education, help in the process of search for investments and partners, exchange of experience and promoting of mentorship.