‘Harmony’, a Vinnytsia-based NGO for young people with disabilities, has made its contribution to the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the city. Activists have directed a part of the ‘Dandelion’ social enterprise profit to the purchase of respirators, protective coveralls, gloves and disinfectants for the Vinnytsia oblast laboratory center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

On March 5, with the support of PLEDDG, the conference of SE ProZorro. Sales "How to attract investment and accelerate economic development?" was held in Kyiv. Around 200 participants, including the representatives of line ministries, local authorities, businesses and experts, were focused on the discussion of effective state property management and the use of investor relations tools.

On January 17-18, the IV Forum of Participation Practitioners was held in Poltava. Each year, the Forum brings together officials, experts, activists, international partners in order to discuss current challenges and explore the best practices of participatory budget implementation in cities.

Vinnytsia hosted the first tourist hackathon "Mix Tourism in Vinnytsia". The event was organized by the City Marketing and Tourism Department of the Vinnytsia City Council with the support of PLEDGG. The unique local event, was aimed at elaboration of new approaches to local tourism development jointly with the public sector and business. The ideas will serve as the basis of the city's 2030 Tourism development strategy, which is being prepared in cooperation with PLEDGG.

#ChangingCities Campaign demonstrates successful examples and innovative approaches to democratic governance and local economic development in Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts in Ukraine, that have resulted from the efforts of PLEDDG

PLEDDG Steering Committee meeting was focused on the discussion of sustainability mechanisms for initiatives developed together with PLEDDG. This is one of the priority tasks that will allow to continue the development of municipal sector strengthening practices in Ukraine, implement effective democratic governance and create favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses at the local, regional and national levels.