The Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting of Advisory Committee on efficiency of governance and development for PLEDDG implementation in Zaporizhia. Its key objective was to discuss the outcomes of cooperation and the results of the implemented initiatives. Valerii Edeliev, Zaporizhia Deputy Mayor, managers of municipal companies and city council departments, PLEDDG representatives, business, and community joined the meeting.

Zaporizhia State Oblast Administration hosted a “round” table discussion on “First-priority needs of local self-governance bodies in advance training”, supported by PLEDDG. The Head of Department of Foreign Relations and International Economic Activity Artur Boyko, the PLEDDG experts, community representatives, and directors of structural units of the State Oblast Administration took part in the event.

The III International Business Forum “International Cooperation: Creating Future Together” gets underway in Kremenchuk. The Forum is being held by the Kremenchuk City Council, Kremenchuk Development Institute, Kremenchuk Department of Poltava Chamber of Commerce with support from PLEDDG and the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine. It will cover such topics as current issues of modern city development, international cooperation as a catalyzer for economic development of regions and communities, tourism development as an economic priority and attractive investment sector

The discussion on development of the city’s ecological passport took place at Kremenchuk National University. The event was held at the initiative of the city council in the framework of cooperation with PLEDDG jointly with the Association of Ukrainian Cities. The working group involved in the development of Kremenchuk’s ecological passport discussed the key points on regarding desirable shape of the document. It should make Kremenchuk step up towards best practices of European and worldwide municipalities in environmental policy implementation

The Poltava oblast state administration hosted a round table on “First-priority needs of local self-governance bodies in advance training”, where the LED Professional Training Program for Civil Servants and Local Governance Officials was presented. The Program was developed by PLEDDG in a partnership with National Academy for Public Administration under The President of Ukraine and the Center for re-training and advance training for officials of Poltava region public bodies and agreed with National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service

Today, Vinnytsia hosts the VІІ International Investment Forum “Vinnytsia Region – Business at Heart of Ukraine”. Representatives from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, China, Norway, Belgium, and Canada are attending the event. After its opening and welcoming speeches, the visits to KNESS PV factory, LetyShops company, and “Barlinek Invest” LLC took place. Besides, the forum participants are going to visit the groundbreaking ceremony symbolizing the construction of a new plant of HEAD company.

A regular session of the Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development created for implementation of PLEDDG Project in Berdyansk was dedicated to assessment of the sustainability aspects of the PLEDDG-supported initiatives and projects carried out in Berdiansk as well as to the question of how the Project could help implement such initiatives. The session was chaired by Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group of PLEDDG Project, with participation of PLEDDG Consultant Volodymyr Proskurnin and PLEDDG Regional Coordinator in Zaporizhia oblast Svitlana Kruhliak. It began with the speech of Mayor Yulia Doinova, who reminded all the attendees that 11 initiatives and projects were being implemented in the city, calling everyone for an effective activity.